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All current customers are on a computerized routing schedule determined by your projected grease disposal needs. Sometimes what we project doesn’t match what’s happening in your business, so that’s why we have this form to help eliminate any added or decreased volume. We adjust your pick-up times between each service to reflect how often you need grease disposal, but sometimes we need your help. Make us better by giving us feedback for our service.¬†


We recommend you only fill this form out when you your tank is full or malfunctioning, any other requests can be made through the customer service page, including new customer requests. If your tank is overflowing, store excess grease, after it has cooled, in buckets or cans without liners and we will pick up the grease from the additional container. If a spill should occur, we recommend the customer should immediately put absorbent material down, such as kitty litter, saw dust or any other permeable material. Customers should call MOPAC for further instructions if the spill cannot be contained.

Read our blog posts about container maintenance & size and grease thief tips!


Once your service request has been submitted, it will be reviewed within the next business day, and we put your business on a scheduled route immediately afterwards.

Service Request Form

Help us keep your service prompt and on uncomplicated
  • Add your email if you would like an email response from MOPAC about estimated pick-up times
  • Let us know the status of your drum or tank so we can put in the proper service request. Check off all that apply:
  • If there is anything else to add, please let us know. For immediate questions or concerns, contact our friendly customer service team during business hours.


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