Grease Tank Sizes

MOPAC Offers Solutions for All Grease Tank Needs


Currently for our customers we provide a variety of grease tank options for your business’ restaurant, supermarket, or industrial process. All of MOPAC’s containers come with our guaranteed automated service and ways to secure your grease from thieves, usually an included lock.

We currently offer a few different options for a small grease account (about two fryers which are changed frequently) and our sales team work tirelessly to bring your restaurant a containment system for your grease that is clean, convenient, secure and leak-proof. To find out about which size would be best for your business, contact the sales rep in your area.

We also have medium (200 gallon) and large tanks (300 gallon) tanks that are perfect for a large grease producer (4 fryers or more that are continually used or an industrial process). Contact the sales rep in your area to get one installed today!

These grease tanks are guaranteed:

12 gauge construction

Painted and labeled with our pick-up phone number

Plastic lift-able lid with easy access

Lifting pins for quick pick-up

Fork channels designed to keep tank off of the ground and elevated

Mesh screens

Purchasable dollies for easier dumping available for large tanks

And if none of these options or equipment listed above seem right for your store, MOPAC offers a variety of customized solutions for your specific operation. Our representatives are experts in gauging the grease needs of our customers.






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