• Driving Positions
  • Mechanic Positions
  • Plant Operations Positions
  • Elzabethville Employment
Driving Positions

CDLA (& B License) Dedicated Truck Driving Positions:

The drivers run local routes to customer locations to collect materials using both 40 foot trailers as well a 3 axle straight trucks and are both equipped with hydraulic bucket lifts.We collect used cooking oil using vacuum pumps, where the axle trucks are equipped to receive 55 gallon drums and the trailers are able lift and dump collect tanks using a hydraulic boom lift.

The position is a physically active driving position where drivers are expected to move brutes and drums using handcarts.

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Mechanic Positions

  • Fleet Service Center Class 3 Mechanic
  • Fleet Service Center Class 2 Mechanic
  • Fleet Service Center Scheduler
  • Fleet General Mechanic Lead
Fleet Service Center Class 3 Mechanic

Class 3:

Performs preventative maintenance and light diagnostics

Repairs on all vehicles & vehicle attachments including but not limited to heavy, medium, and light duty vehicles, gasoline & diesel power vehicles, tractor trailers, cars & pickups, forklifts, farm equipment...

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Fleet Service Center Class 2 Mechanic

Class 2:

Perform preventative maintenance

Light to medium diagnostics 

Repairs on all vehicles & vehicle attachments including but not limited to heavy, medium, and light duty vehicles, gasoline & diesel power vehicles, tractor trailers, cars & pickups, forklifts, farm equipment...

A More Qualified Position than Class 3, see link below for more

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Fleet Service Center Scheduler

The Vehicle Repair Scheduler:

Maintains and coordinates all aspects of vehicle repair and wash scheduling for MOPAC's fleet, outside customers, & satellite locations. 

Involves coordinating efforts with parts personnel, dispatchers, mechanic leads, and outside customers to ensure parts, labor & equipment availability.

Reviews and Recommends repair methods, enhancements, and modifications....

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Fleet General Mechanic Lead

Fleet General Mechanic Lead

Prioritize repair orders determined by equipment needs, seriousness of the need and departure times Prioritize driver write-ups based on DOT maintenance regulations Assigns work to mechanics....

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Plant Operations Positions

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Our Wastewater Plant Operators are under the direction of our Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor & Lead Operator and would be responsible for operating the wastewater treatment plant. This would include performing technical work related to the Plant operation and management such as...

Accounting Specialist

Key responsibilities will be accounts payable, while working closely with operations and accounting management, to assure the maintenance of internal control procedures, standards, and compliance as it pertains to the Sarbanes Oxley Act and to insure adherence to generally accepted accounting principles...

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Elzabethville Employment

MOPAC Elizabethville Facility

MOPAC is based out of Souderton, PA but we have blending facilities in two other locations: Our Seaford, DE location, and our Elizabethville, PA location. Both of these locations combine the protein by-product meals that our Souderton location produce and blends them with other protein meals to create a nutritionally balanced value added meal that is sold to finished feed mills as an ingredient.

Blending Operator

Our blending operators oversee the receiving of the ingredient meals that go into our finished blends. They also operate the blending equipment, using state of the art software as well as reviewing the outgoing finished products. This job entails many skillsets that require operators to perform a variety of tasks: Sampling of incoming and outgoing products; excellent communication; executing proper documentation; assisting the plant lead in repairs and others.

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