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MOPAC Careers and Jobs in Souderton PA

Our operations include most of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States, and as a part of JBS we are part of an international corporation so we have a unique position as an employer. Based in Souderton, PA, we have been supplying Souderton jobs to dedicated team members in our community for over one hundred years. As a rendering facility, we employ a multitude of individuals across a wide range of skills and attributes. We exist to recycle animal byproducts and used cooking oils.  With these objectives, our staff positions are wide ranging.  We employ candidates in plant operations, CDL driving positions, plant maintenance, diesel mechanics, waste water lab technicians, and grease and used cooking oil sales representatives. We encourage prospective employees to have past experience for what they’re applying for, but MOPAC & JBS have extensive training programs in place for most positions. Look for a list below of our current open positions, or apply for a job by clicking the link below and applying on the JBS website. 

Available Careers at our Souderton, PA Location

Inside Sales Representative

We currently have an immediate opening for an Inside Sales Rep in our Souderton, PA Rendering facility. The ideal candidates will work closely with Raw Materials Management team to contribute to the Procurement group’s goals.  The position reports to the Procurement Management

COVID-19 Supervisor

Description: The COVID Supervisor (“Supervisor”) reports to the COVID Superintendent and is responsible for directing and providing COVID-19 pandemic preparedness and response oversight for the facility. The position oversees development and implementation of pandemic response practices and audits adherence to those practices, ensures compliance with CDC, and OSHA requirements, and conducts root-cause analyses of plant level pandemic-related issues. The Supervisor monitors and documents the effectiveness of the pandemic control measures used in the facility, and ensures alignment with the plant and corporate safety program.

Maintenance Scheduler/Planner

Reporting to the Rendering Maintenance Manager, the Maintenance Scheduler is responsible for scheduling all non-breakdown work on the rendering site.  Utilizing the maintenance schedule available for equipment and working with the production supervisor’s schedules work following priorities.

Fleet Mechanic

Perform preventative maintenance & light to medium diagnostics & repairs on all vehicles & vehicle attachments including but not limited to heavy, medium & light duty vehicles, gasoline & diesel powered vehicles, tractor trailers, cars & pickup trucks, forklifts, farm equipment ect.. Repairs & diagnostics can include but are not limited to brake work, repairing lights, air & hydraulic systems, exhaust systems, battery & charging systems, engine cooling systems, suspension work, drive train & chassis, automatic & manual transmissions,  engines & engine accessories, computer /sensor diagnostics, fabrication & welding work, trailer repair, cab air conditioning repair, transport refrigeration repair & tire repairs.

Fleet Truck Washer (3rd Shift)

To ensure that all Mopac / JBS vehicles are cleaned according to established company standards and any maintenance defects / vehicle damage be reported to Fleet Maintenance according to established company standards.

Maintenance Supervisor

Supervises and coordinates activities of skilled trade workers engaged in maintaining and repairing equipment, structures, utility systems, buildings, and grounds.

Fleet Services Admin

We currently have an immediate opening for a Fleet Administrator in our Souderton, PA Rendering facility. The ideal candidate will work closely with our Fleet Maintenance and Transportation team in regards to administration.

Hides Take Up

JBS Souderton Mopac Division- 8 hour shift with possible overtime Primary responsibilities: Employee will remove the hide from hook, Employee inspects the hide, Employee will grade the hide, Employee, with the help of another employee will pull and slide hide onto folding table, Hides will be folded and placed on pallets by grade.

Fleet Scheduler

The Vehicle Repair Scheduler maintains & coordinates all aspects of vehicle repair & wash scheduling for MOPAC’S fleet, outside customers, & satellite locations. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Schedules all repairs and vehicle washes for all company & non-company vehicles for our own mechanics as well as sub-contractors. This involves coordinating efforts with parts personnel, dispatchers, mechanic leads, & outside customers to ensure parts, labor, & equipment availability. Reviews & recommends repair methods, enhancements, and modifications.

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Located in eastern Pennsylvania, Mopac is one of the largest renderers in the eastern United States. With more than 135 years of industry experience, our Souderton job offerings range from operations to IT to management to sales. Find a career today that works best with a company with the advantages of a larger corporation but the with the value and understanding of a small, family-oriented company.


MOPAC began as Moyer Packing– a family owned, one-man run meat packing plant in 1877. Abraham F. Moyer bought land in Souderton, Pennsylvania when the area was almost entirely made up of farm-land. When Moyer Packing began, it started in a town that had as many horses and cattle as people. As the area around MOPAC became urban and industrialized, MOPAC became increasingly popular through the twentieth century. For one hundred years MOPAC serviced the area with superior beef while also focusing on going green and giving back to the environment. They developed a rendering facility that eliminated all waste so that 100% of the product is reused.By 2000, Moyer Packing had become the ninth largest beef processor in the US and the largest in the Eastern United States. Our operations include fabricating and further processing, hide processing and a multitude of rendering facilities.

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