Located in eastern Pennsylvania, Mopac is one of the largest renderers in the eastern United States. With more than 135 years of industry experience, our Souderton job offerings range from operations to IT to management to sales. Find a career today that works best with a company with the advantages of a larger corporation but the with the value and understanding of a small, family-oriented company.


MOPAC began as Moyer Packing– a family owned, one-man run meat packing plant in 1877. Abraham F. Moyer bought land in Souderton, Pennsylvania when the area was almost entirely made up of farm-land. When Moyer Packing began, it started in a town that had as many horses and cattle as people. As the area around MOPAC became urban and industrialized, MOPAC became increasingly popular through the twentieth century. For one hundred years MOPAC serviced the area with superior beef while also focusing on going green and giving back to the environment. They developed a rendering facility that eliminated all waste so that 100% of the product is reused.By 2000, Moyer Packing had become the ninth largest beef processor in the US and the largest in the Eastern United States. Our operations include fabricating and further processing, hide processing and a multitude of rendering facilities.

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