One Man’s Trash… Why A Hike in Cooking Oil Prices May Mean More Cash for Trash

Restaurants are Strapped for Cash as Food and Cooking Oil Prices Rise Wingstop, a popular fast-service chicken brand, recently announced they’re changing their name to Thighstop due to a shortage of chicken wing availability (the price of the wing went from $0.98 to $3.22- that’s per wing!). As pandemic restrictions lift, the increased presence in… Read more »

About Cooking Oil: The Process

The Life-Cycle of Cooking Oil (Recycling Used Cooking Oil) Much like a food chain or life cycle, cooking oil also goes through a process of transformation and change Cooking Oil has been a staple of human culture for thousands of years, with the ancient Greeks crushing olives and heating them under the sun for olive… Read more »

Small Tank Solution

Small Tank Solution MOPAC is excited to announce that we have recently unveiled a small tank solution to add to our customized solutions plan. For over fifty years MOPAC has provided drums and tanks for our customer for their outdoor used cooking oil problems, but we’ve decided to try something new. We hear our customers… Read more »

Restaurant Trends of 2018 From MOPAC

There has never been more restaurants in the US than there are today, but there have been equally less and less customers entering the doors to this seemingly ever growing sector. The average American is now spending about half of their allotted food money on restaurants per paycheck instead of the grocery store, yet independently… Read more »

What’s the Deal with Bio Diesel?

  The fuel that has run your car and most engines since its appearance has been petroleum. The carbon-based refined oil is increasingly becoming a scarce & expensive commodity. So the twenty-first century has made it its mission to find an alternative source of fuel, one that is reliable yet not ever-dwindling. There are several… Read more »


Everything You Wanted to Know (& More) About MOPAC

Grease & Used Cooking Oil Theft

Protect Your Business & Your Assets UCO Recycling is a competitive business, make sure you are getting the most from your efforts to dispose of it properly. (cooking oil theft) Any business that uses a process that involves oil or grease (vegetable or animal) has a byproduct afterwards, aptly called used cooking oil. This oil… Read more »

MOPAC Environmental Fun Facts

Fueling Our Community & Environment Mopac Rendering recycles close to 8 million gallons of used vegetable oils per year for distribution into the fats and animal feed ingredient industries and the environmentally friendly bio-fuels market. We see our participation in the bio-fuels market throughout the world as an opportunity to further our commitment to reducing… Read more »