Grease Recycling & Used Cooking Oil Collection

Used cooking oil (UCO) is generated from many segments of the food industry, including supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants and small corner stores that offer fried foods. Many food manufacturers also generate UCO-producing products for consumers. Cooking oil and grease cannot be thrown out or dumped down the drain because of its composition, so instead MOPAC has a free yellow grease and used cooking oil service that businesses can utilize at no cost. We have salesmen who receive service calls and immediately give an on-site evaluation to put you in place with an agreement and a container in a swift and prompt manner. After the initial agreement, MOPAC oversees service for both inside and outside recycling container with computerized routing and scheduling. We also are prepared to deal with emergency situations like overflow and spillage.

Used Cooking Oil Storage Equipment

Large manufacturers that utilize cooking oil in their process store the UCO in internal vessels or tanks with a capacity of 300 gallons or more. This type of storage system has become very popular due to enhanced safety and sanitary requirements. The enhanced safety requirements minimize incidents of theft, while the additional sanitary requirements can increase financial returns. MOPAC provides a range of options for product storage and safety. Standard used cooking oil storage equipment (for external placement at the rear of an establishment) includes 55 gallon drums and 250 or 300 gallon tanks. All containers are designed to be theft proof and should be locked at all times for safety.

Customize Your Experience

In addition to inside and outside storage, and a variety of sized tanks MOPAC offers a personalized and customized solution. We can offer new and innovative ways to collect grease according to your demands, whether you have multiple locations or multiple on-site collections, multiple users within the same complex, or an industrial process that requires special equipment or treatment. We are innovative in creating a unique solution to whatever challenge your grease collection requires.



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