Specializing in Your Waste Oil Recycling Needs

Animal By-product Removal

Mopac recycles waste products not suitable for human consumption. We have an extensive network of state-of-the-art trucks to collect and recycle inedible products. We provide rendering and recycling services to slaughter and packing facilities as well as fat and bone removal services to supermarkets.

These materials arrive at our rendering facility around the clock and are processed as quickly as possible in order to maintain the integrity of the finished product.

Grease Recycling

UCO (used cooking oil) is generated from many segments of the food industry, including supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants and small corner stores that offer fried foods. Many food manufacturers also generate UCO-producing products for consumers.

Large manufacturers that utilize cooking oil in their process store the UCO in internal vessels or tanks with a capacity of 300 gallons or more. This type of storage system has become very popular due to enhanced safety and sanitary requirements. The enhanced safety requirements minimize incidents of theft, while the additional sanitary requirements can increase financial returns.

Supermarket Service

Mopac collects waste product generated by in-store butchers. The trim material is a result of the process of preparing product for the meat case for consumers. We also collect case-ready product that has exceeded its shelf life date and is thus ineligible for sale to consumers and must be discarded.

Rendering these types of inedible products adds value and is a more sustainable and environmentally sound approach than sending waste to a land fill.

We Can Help with Used Cooking Oil Spills and Other Emergencies

Mopac currently has 10 account managers in the field daily, covering 12 states in the northeast. Each area field manager has all the necessary equipment needed to handle emergencies such as UCO spills and leaking containers (including customer mishaps) and the logistical and technical requirements of our transportation team.

Used Coooking Oil Storage Equipment

Mopac provides a range of options for product storage and safety. Standard UCO storage equipment (for external placement at the rear of an establishment) includes 25 gallon caddies, 55 gallon drums and 100 - 250 or 300 gallon tanks. All containers are designed to be theft proof and should be locked at all times for safety. We can also provide 44-gallon plastic containers and lids that are used for the collection of fat and bone and meat scraps. Poly combo, 2,000 pound capacity bins are available for high volume locations.

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